“The most important discoveries, the greatest art, and the best management decisions come from taking a fresh look at what people take for granted or cannot see, precisely because it is too obvious.”
Source: R. Farson, *Management of the Absurd*


Supply chain focus, holistic approach

Alacris is focused exclusively on strategy and supply chain management. Our experienced consultants add value from day one – delivering the deepest and most current insight into strategic sourcing and supply chain issues in the industry.


Alacris combines this exclusive supply chain focus with broad management consulting expertise, deep industry insight, and global experience. Known for our collaborative and results-oriented approach, we work with clients to develop and implement solutions that tightly fit their cultures and organizations. Our deliberate focus gives us a clear sense of purpose and allows us to address client issues thoroughly, with highly specific resources, methodologies, and approaches. As a result, we have established a reputation for building actionable, implantable solutions.


Alacris is also differentiated by our holistic approach; we seamlessly combine strategy, planning, and change management to achieve sustainable results. Our consultants combine the science of consulting with the art of change management to deliver highly tailored, pragmatic solutions that are individually geared to the unique issues of each client.


Independent, objective adviser

In an industry where independence and objectivity are required, Alacris Consulting has always embodied the neutrality that is imperative in a trusted adviser. Alacris is privately held firm run and owned by its employees. We have no outside investors to answer to, so we can remain totally focused on our clients’ best interests.


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